"James Calemine. That's a good name. I'll remember that name..."
--Harry Crews Author of Florida Frenzy, Feast of Snakes, Blood & Grits, Body, The Gospel Singer and others.

"James Calemine digs deep into the soul of rock & roll."
​--Snake Nation Press

Featured Insured Beyond The Grave Artists Include: Stanley Booth, Jim Dickinson, Paul Hemphill, Townes Van Zandt, Steve Cropper, the Georgia Sea Island Singers, John Sayles, James Burton, Bloodkin, Blind Boys of Alabama, Harry Crews, James Ponsoldt, Hunter S. Thompson, Colonel Bruce Hampton, Lance Ledbetter, Kirk West, Tim Duffy & Charlie Louvin.

"James Calemine knows his way around the South, around the region's music and musicians and authors and books, its food and its feel. And so much more, and you can feel it on every page of Insured Beyond The Grave, which shines light into the dark corners of famous musicians like the Black Crowes and Steve Cropper as well as underappreciated genius writers like Harry Crews and Stanley Booth. Great stuff on every page."
--Alan Paul

New York Times best-selling author of One Way Out: The Inside History of the Allman Brothers Band.

​​“James Calemine’s heart and writing justify him being respected by anybody.”
–Stanley Booth (True Adventures of the Rolling Stones, Rythm Oil, Keith: Til I Roll Over Dead) 

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James Calemine & Chris Robinson
September 28, 2017

"Insured Beyond The Grave gives incredible insight into the Southern musical landscape. This collection from James Calemine is impressive to say the least." --Tim Duffy, President of Music Maker Relief Foundation.

"Insured Beyond The Grave is a beautiful, classy book. And the images are great. You'll never be ashamed of this book." --Stanley Booth. June 2017

​All Images A James Calemine Copyright

"(Insured Beyond The Grave) is an endlessly fascinating collection of conversations with some of my all-time favorite writers and musicians. I felt I was right there on  the barstool eavesdropping."
​-Ace Atkins, New York Times Best-selling author of The Fallen

​​​​​​​​​​​"​I search to photograph musicians that inspire me--tocapture an everlasting image that the artist exudes. Calemine does this with his pen. He seeks what we all seek in life; a deep insight into the inspirational music, film, literature and artists we admire, and find a truthful solace. And his words do just that. He preserves them forever through his own literary lens.

"We both document artists while they spend their short time with us here on earth. Calemine nails these deep insights, soulful stories and resonating truths from the artist on every page of Insured Beyond The Grave."

Adam Smith​
Documentary Photographer
September, 2017