"Ask me anything, James. You are a man and a writer with the best intentions. You only find one out of a thousand like you..."
​--Colonel Bruce Hampton

"James Calemine's writing executes a perfect balance of soul to science, flourish to frankness, and imagery to movement. His writing reveals awareness of the intricacies of life--the human experience--with a "lifted" experience." --Eleanor Underhill (Underhill Rose)


"It's certainly not inappropriate to describe James Calemine as a rare poet, even when he's working in prose...but ultimately the categories don't matter. All that matters are the words themselves, and James' words are high octane, electric, significant. I'll go ahead and say it: He's one of our great living American writers, and that's a sure bet."--Daniel Hutchens (Bloodkin)

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"James Calemine is a seeker of truth...which makes him a good friend of mine." --Marc Ford (The Black Crowes, Magpie Salute, Ben Harper & The Neptune Blues Club)

"James Calemine. That's a great name. I'll remember that name..."
--Harry Crews Author of Florida Frenzy, The Gospel Singer, Feast of Snakes and Blood & Grits

"James Calemine is one of my favorite writers." --Todd Nance (Widespread Panic & Interstellar Boys)

​​​​James Calemine grew up on the coast of georgia. He graduated from the university of georgia. His new book, insured beyond the grave Vol. 2, counts as his THIRD book.

His first, the local stranger, is a fiction collection.

during his  25 years of chronicling some of america's greatest artists, calemine formed his own original voice.

​his 2012 georgia sea island singers article earned a place in the smithsonian's new harmonies: Celebrating american roots music tour.

​his work has appeared in The Bitter Southerner, South magazine, paste, GEORGIA TREND MAGAZINE, BBC/AMERICA, georgia music magazine, the georgia music hall of fame, swampland and many other periodicals.  

insured beyond the grave Vol. 2--like Vol. 1--exists as a close-to-the-bone collection that provides a clear glimpse into the cutthroat world these artists endured for the sake of their work--whether the artist is celebrated or obscure.

​calemine unearths historical facts in every article few people--besides the artist--ever knew. 

"Imagine walking down a dirt road in rural south Georgia. A chorus of cicadas, crickets, banjos and frogs permeate the air. It's dusk and your mind is soaring on poetic thermals! A southern gothic daydream! Snake nation! Spanish moss! James Calemine! Bloodkin! It all makes perfect sense now..." --Mark Neill (Grammy-winning producer of Soil of the South Studio)